What are Bio-Frequencies? 

Bio-Frequencies are based on the scientific principles that all organisms emit precise frequency patterns and that by using resonant frequency patterns, balance of an organism can be restored. Within all life, existing together at the same time, is both matter and energy, bathed in an ocean of frequency patterns we call Bio-Frequencies. Dr. Royal Rife cured hundreds of cancer patients in the thirties by utilizing coherent bio-frequencies. Dr. Rife’s miraculous therapy is also “not” taught in medical schools. Learn more about Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.




So what do Bio-Frequencies have to do with disease in our bodies? 

Pathogens, (the biological agents that cause disease or illness) can only exist if the precise energetic environment allows it to exist. Energetic environments open or close the door to pathogens and disease. A cancer tumor cannot grow unless our bio-frequencies give it the green light. An HIV virus cannot enter a cell and replicate itself unless that cell’s bio-frequencies say “come on in”. 
But because our bio-frequencies are so subtle and complex it has proven difficult for science to identify energetic pathology, until now. 

We have managed to identify the frequency of thousands of pathogens. We have also learned to create frequency patterns that complement the healing process. By identifying the specialized frequency patterns of pathogens and combining our own “complementary” patterns through a process called infusion, we are able to readjust our bio-energetic fields through frequency resonance or coherence.



What do you mean by your process of “infusion”? What is it exactly?


Infusion is a process of bombarding compounds with proprietary frequency patterns. By doing so under the right conditions, the compound “inherets” or realigns its energetic properties. That doesn’t mean that we spontaneously change a carbon atom into a hydrogen atom. We are talking about very subtle, patterned energy that is changed and made to become “coherent” to produce beneficial results. A carbon atom is made by a combination of electromagnetic properties and even more subtle frequency patterns. These subtle, longitudinal waves are what we alter.


For example, we know that a breast cancer tumor exists within a specific bio-frequency environment and that is why it grows. We have identified specific frequency patterns that can disrupt the tumor’s fertile ground. In the past it has proven difficult to get these frequencies into the body to do it's work. SSQF has developed several technologies which allow us to infuse “coherent” and complimentary frequency patterns into compounds and protocols. Once these compounds are ingested by the patient the complimentary frequencies are assimilated by the biological system and propogated.




From what I know the spectrum of frequencies is vast and goes from infrasonic sound all the way to gamma rays. What kind of frequencies do you utilize in your process? 


The Quantum Infusion technology is based on all frequencies. However. it is not an easy task to infuse a compound with super high frequencies like gamma rays. Remember we do not select an individual frequency such as 2000 Hz to bombard a compound and leave it at that. We use frequency patterns, which contain harmonic and sub-harmonic elements.

Our frequency patterns are assembled as a package of frequencies that are specific to an application such as HIV or prostate cancer. These packages can be “transposed” to several different frequency ranges as a unit. This is the same principle as speeding up a song on a CD player. Same song, same ratios between key elements, same frequency patterns—just shifted to a higher or lower range, or spectrum.